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Top 5 Recommended Ergonomic Chairs That Are Worth Your Money

Looking for an Ergonomic chair?
Here are our Top 5 recommendations that are worth your money

What kind of ergonomic chair is worth spending on?

There are lots of factors that should be considered before buying an ergonomic chair. The biggest purchasing factors being: size, price, features, and design. Some ergonomic chairs only provide basic lumbar support, while others really go all out with features that can be customized down to a T. 

It can get overwhelming, so let’s go through what makes a good ergonomic chair, and what you need to consider before buying. 

Ergonomic Chair
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    What Is Ergonomics?

    Ergonomics is the process of designing products and spaces to fit the users in a way that minimizes injury or harm while maintaining comfort and efficiency. They can be found all around us, in cars, tools, furniture, and more. 

    Have you ever gotten a paper cut when you are opening low-quality mail packaging? Or experienced wrist pains after a long day of using the keyboard and mouse? That’s poor ergonomics right there. Those products are not designed with the user’s safety in mind. 

    Ergonomic products, on the other hand, specialize in health and comfort. They may not be designed like conventional products, but after long periods of usage, they will not cause health issues like other standard brands. Furthermore, you might find that ergonomic products are much easier to use once you’ve gotten used to them.  

    Other types of ergonomic furniture include:

    • Ergonomic Keyboards – They have padding to rest your wrists and prevent muscle straining. Ergonomic keyboards are also separated into two parts so that each hand can type comfortably at a natural angle.
    • Ergonomic Keyboard Trays – They are be installed/moved below or away from the table so users don’t need to raise their arms and type at an uncomfortable angle.
    • Ergonomic Mouse – It takes a while to get used to this, but the ergonomic mouse promotes a more healthy, upright hand posture that puts less strain on our muscles.
    • Laptop stands – Instead of hunching over your laptop that is placed flat on the table, a laptop stand helps the user keep an upright posture. This prevents your spine from straining itself and opens up your ribcage for easier breathing. 
    • Desk Risers/Standing Desks – They are different, but accomplish the same points. They encourage users to stand more at their desks and not sit too much. Sitting for too long increases one’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers, after all.

    "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

    Emanuel James Rohn - Author & Motivational speaker Tweet

    What Are The Benefits Of An Ergonomic Chair?

    So is the ergonomic chair really worth the hype? Well, we at SG Top Choice are happy to inform you that it is! There is science backing us up here, so listen up. Regardless of your body type, shape, or preferred sitting heightan ergonomic chair will:


    • Improve posture – An ergonomic chair supports your spine’s natural curves, prevents slouching, and protects against back pains by allowing users to lie on a backrest while maintaining proper posture throughout the day. 
    • Provide back support/lumbar support – Ergonomic chairs have curved seat pans and protruding backrests to support our natural back shape. This way, our spine faces less pressure from our body weight.
    • Relieve pain and fatigue – Ergonomic chairs have flexible parts that can be customized according to the user’s needs. Thus, alleviating pressure from our bones and muscles, and relieving pain. 
    • Increase Blood Circulation – Ergonomic chairs ensure that users are seated with good posture so our blood vessels and organs will not be compressed. This way, oxygen will be delivered freely through our blood vessels without issues.
    • Enhance concentration and productivity – A good ergonomic chair also feels really good to sit in. Comfort is has a major impact on purchasing decisions and one’s happiness and productivity. Ergonomic chairs also lead to good posture, which leads to good blood circulation. This allows blood to carry oxygen to your brain effectively – improving attention span and productivity.
    • Extremely durable – An ergonomic chair will last you for a long time. It is made out of durable materials that will not rot, peel, or make loud creaking sounds. It is also child-proof, so it’s a family-friendly piece of furniture.
    • Easy to maintain – Ergonomic chairs are extremely easy to maintain. Just take a wet rag and wipe it down. It’s that simple.

    In addition, ergonomic chairs are all of the above, with the added bonus of being highly customizable. This is because the ergonomic chair comes in many parts – each part is then able to be moved according to the preferences of the user. 

    1. Want a higher headrest? Just pull it up.
    2. Want to move from a sitting to a lying position? Just move the backrest.
    3. Want a lower height for your armrests? Just lower the armrests.

    No matter what body shape you have,  a good ergonomic chair will provide options so each individual can support their back, protect themselves from injury, and sit comfortably throughout the day. This variety of options leads to ergonomic chairs being a fan favourite among many users. So if you spend many hours a day sitting at your computer or desk, you may want to consider investing in one now!

    "Design from the spine and you'll be fine."

    Carl Heaton - Senior Design Instructor

    What Are The Risks Of Poor Ergonomics

    to Put It Simply, Poor Ergonomics Leads To Poor Posture

    Fancy-looking gaming chairs and executive seats look snazzy in any setting. But they do not protect the user’s health. Chairs that are inflexible with height and lack proper back support can cause the user to engage in bad sitting habits, and be afflicted with chronic back pain and more. We want to avoid this at all costs, so having an ergonomic chair is highly recommended.

    The complications of poor posture include:

    • Back pain – poor posture leads to a strain on your spine and back muscles because slouching actually puts pressure on your shoulder blades. If you notice back pains after sitting for a while, you should correct your posture ASAP. 
    • Neck pain – poor posture often causes our heads to lean forward so that it is not resting on top of our necks. Holding this unnatural posture for too long causes neck pain. 
    • Headaches/migraines – poor posture causes tension in the muscles of your upper back, neck, and shoulders. This in turn leads to headaches and even increases the frequency of migraines. 
    • Crooked spine – poor posture causes your spine to lose its natural curves. This is because poor posture puts unnecessary pressure on your spine. A bent spine, in turn, affects our ability to stand, sit, and function normally in day-to-day activities. So this is really dangerous. 
    • Digestion issues – poor posture like slouching that causes your spine and ribcage to compress, which in turn causes your organs to compress. This can affect your digestion process and cause bloating, constipation and potbellies. 
    • Breathing difficulties – poor posture like slouching can cause your ribcage to compress, which in turn causes your lungs to compress. This can lead to more difficulties when it comes to breathing freely. Oxygen supplied to the brain will also be limited, thus affecting our brains from working their best. 
    • Poor blood circulation – poor posture prevents our blood from circulating freely around our body. Sitting with our knees up, crossing our legs, and even sitting on the floor with our legs arranged into pretzels, can affect our blood flow. This increases our chances of developing varicose veins.

    If you are experiencing any of the above, know that you might be a victim of poor ergonomics. Your current chair is not a good fit for you. What you need is a good ergonomic chair.

    "Unless some misfortune has made it impossible, everyone can have good posture."

    Loretta Young - Academy Award Winning Actress Tweet

    Tips To Improve Your Posture

    Welcome to your first steps toward better posture. Whether you’re sitting at a desk, on an airplane, or just hanging out at home, good posture is beneficial to you. Here are some tips you can start implementing as a lifestyle!

    sitting tips

    • Adjust your seat height so that your feet are flat on the ground or a footrest.
    • Adjust your seat height so that your eye is on the same level as the top of the screen, and at least one arm’s length away from your body.
    • Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, or more. So that your hips are on the same level or higher than your knees so that lumbar pressure is reduced.
    • Seating with your pelvis tilted forward can also help with lumbar pressure.
    • Sit so the seat pan is not pressed against the back of your knees.
    • Cross your legs at the ankle, rather than the knee.
    • Do not lean forward, instead, rest on the backrest of the chair. The backrest should also be angled back a bit, about 100-degrees so that your spine is not fighting against gravity and your weight is evenly distributed against the backrest.
    • Ensure that the curve of your lower back is supported. If you do not have an ergonomic chair, use a pillow or cushion.
    • Adjust the armrests so that your shoulders are not hunched, but relaxed comfortably when resting against it.

    Behavioral tips

    • Be aware of your sitting behavior. If you notice that you are slouched over the table, make a conscious effort to sit up straight.
    • Do light exercise/stretching whenever you are free (at least 1 time a day)
    • Stay active and fit. Do not sit for too long (take regular breaks)
    • Avoid standing on one foot for long periods.
    • Use ergonomic chairs at home or the office, or request for one. An ergonomic standing desk will also compliment your chair well.
    • Lie down on bedding with just enough spring to support your spine, and use a pillow that properly supports your neck.

    What To Do If Your Health Is Already Being Negatively Affected By Bad Posture?

    This means that you have started to notice consistent, pain in your back and neck. Your work, sleep, and relationships are started to be affected. Or the pain might be causing you a lot of stress which affects you in other ways. 

    If it is affecting your daily life, seek professional help immediately. 

    • Physiotherapist
    • Osteopath
    • Chiropractor

    These are doctors and physicians who have spent years studying proper posture and are licensed medically to help treat spinal injuries or any other health complication that may arise from long-term poor posture. 

    If it has not yet affected you as much yet, then there is still time for you to correct your posture on your own. Pickup the good habit of sitting with good posture so that you will never have to experience the health risks mentioned above. 

    "A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind"

    Morihei Ueshiba - Founder of Aikido (martial arts) Tweet

    What About Gaming Chairs/Executive Chairs?

    The gaming chair and executive chair are always high in demand. They are not ergonomic, but they have cushy paddings, their frames are solid, and overall, they look very impressive. Sometimes, users just want a seat like that, even if it may not boast of the same health benefits as the ergonomic chair. 

    So, how bad is the gaming chair/executive chair, ergonomically speaking? 

    characteristics of a gaming chair/executive Chair

    1. Fixed headrest – The headrest is firm, tall, and connected to the body of the chair. These are often high and cushioned, or come with a pillow. Head support is a good sign of proper ergonomics. However, they are firm and not flexible, which may be uncomfortable for some. 
    2. Winged backrest – Heavily inspired by car seats. Having wings on the sides of the backseat protects the rider from falling out when the car is swerving from right to left and vice versa. It is purely for aesthetics when it comes to functional use as a regular chair and may cause limitations in body types when it comes to resting comfortably on the backrest. 
    3. Bucket seat design – Heavily inspired by car seats. Having a bucket seat design protects the rider from falling out when the car is swerving from right to left and vice versa. It is purely for aesthetics when it comes to functional use as a regular chair and may cause limitations in body types when it comes to resting comfortably on the seat. 
    4. Raised front of seat – Heavily inspired by car seats. Having a raised front of the seat props up the rider’s legs so that it’s easier to step on the pedals. It also keeps the rider leaned back into the seat, with no risk of sliding out when the car breaks to a halt. It is purely for aesthetics when it comes to functional use as a regular chair. Furthermore, the elevated seat front causes the user’s legs to bend at a smaller angle, which is bad for blood flow. The recommended ergonomic sitting posture is 90 degrees with your feet flat on the floor or on a foot pedal. 
    5. Flexible backrest recline – Some gaming chairs and executive seats allow users to recline the backrest to a full 180%! This is excellent when it comes to taking pressure off the spine and it can serve as a comfortable makeshift bed.

    Overall, the gaming chair/executive chair seems to go for aesthetics more than practical, ergonomic function. This means, unfortunately, that it might be worth the price if you are looking for a functional chair. 

    On the other hand, it does make the user feel like they are seated in an awesome F1 race car, and sometimes, people just prefer feeling “cool”. However, when it comes to ergonomics, and the user’s health and comfort, there are better options available in the form of an ergonomic chair. 

    Advantages of a gaming chair/executive Chair

    Huge variety of colours – Gaming and executive chairs have a limitless range of colour palettes. The possibilities are endless. 

    Generous padding – Gaming and executive chairs are loved for their cushions and plush paddings. These are especially good for people who need something soft and padded to sit on. The elderly with less meat on their bones might find fabric and leather chairs like gaming/executive chairs easier to sit on. 

    Luxury branding – Gaming and executive chairs are notorious for being where the big-wigs sit. The chairs are solid, big, and bold. They are of premium quality fabric and leather, and they are very pleasing to the eye. 

    Disadvantages of a gaming chair/executive Chair

    Costly – Fabric and leather ergonomic chairs are expensive. You are paying for the material, F1 car seat design, and branding. 

    Not breathable – Fabric and leather gaming/executive chairs heat up quickly and retain that heat, causing users to shift restlessly in discomfort all day long (yes, even in air-conditioned rooms).

    Not as durable – Fabric and leather gaming/executive chairs can peel, tear, sink with uneven padding distribution, or have stretch marks over time. Singapore’s year-round heat and humidity will only hasten the wear and tear process. 

    Difficult to maintain – Small objects, food crumbs, and dust often get stuck in the hidden folds of the seat padding. These often go unnoticed so the smell might attract insects and make the whole cleaning procedure a lot more difficult.

    Difficult to fit into environments – Fabric and leather chairs stand out, and users might have a harder time choosing the right one that will fit in their workspaces. Colour-matching can be especially difficult. 

    "The best posture is the one that is constantly changing."

    Eric Cressey - President of Cressey Sports Performance Tweet

    What Ergonomic Chair Feature Should I Look Out For?

    ergonomic chair singapore

    Shopping for an ergonomic chair can be a daunting process. There are so many options, and the features can get super technical. But don’t fret! We’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a quick and easy list of features to look for in your new ergonomic chair:

    • Adjustable seat height – The optimal seat height should allow you to place your feet flat on the floor and keep your arms perpendicular (90 degrees) to your spine. A footstool to support their feet if the table/chair is too high to place their feet flat on the ground. 
    • Seat tilt – Good ergonomic chairs will allow the seat to tilt forwards, which allows for correct positioning of the pelvis. This can be complemented with an adjustable backrest for optimal comfort while sitting. 
    • Reclining backrest – A recline allows for users to take off pressure from their spine (reducing weight put on our spinal disks and muscles) and relax after a long hard day. Some high-end ergonomic chairs allow for a 180-degree recline which allows users to stretch freely and even use it as a makeshift bed. 
    • Backrest lumbar support / Lumbar support cushions – Ergonomic chairs have curves to support the lower back of their users. This prevents slouching and reduces stress on the spine. Some even have adjustable backrests that users can customize its height following the curse in their spine for optimal support. 
    • Moveable armrests – Some ergonomic chairs allow their armrests to rotate at different angles. Adjustable armrests support our upper limbs no matter which position we are in and help reduce tension in our upper body. However, armrests should not be used all the time as users might pick up the bad habit of shrugging their shoulders and sagging into the seat, putting most of their weight into their arms that are supported on the armrests. 
    • Adjustable headrest – Headrests are a “must-have” in ergonomic chairs. They support the back of the user’s head and neck which relieves strain from the neck and shoulders. Some ergonomic chairs have adjustable headrests, which is amazing for users of different body types. 

    Questions To Ask Yourself

    • Is the seat pan big enough for you to sit comfortably? Yet, small enough that it doesn’t press uncomfortably against the back of your knees? 
    • Is the material comfortable and breathable?
    • Can you adjust the seat height so that your feet can rest flat on the floor?
    • Can you adjust the height of the backrest for a more comfortable position?
    • Can you recline the backrest for a more comfortable position?
    • Does the chair wheel allow you to move easily?
    • Does the chair allow you to swivel easily?
    • Are the armrests cushioned and easily adjustable?
    • Are the moveable parts easy to use?
    If any of the above features are important to you, and if your answer to any of the relevant questions is “no”, you might need to consider another brand of ergonomic chair for your needs. 

    "Posture is your superpower."

    Dr. Deepankar Das - Ergonomist Tweet

    What Are The Top 5 Ergonomic Chair Brands In Singapore?

    ergonomic chair singapore

    Have we successfully convinced you to get an ergonomic chair of your own? If so, then that’s great! And here’s the thing: you deserve to have a truly excellent ergonomic chair. Not one that is from a ‘no-name brand’, with lackluster reviews. We understand that each user is looking for the best sitting experience possible, and your health is important to us. So, let us help you choose from the best of the best!

    We’d like to recommend 5 chairs for your consideration, ranked from #1 to #5 according to their quality-price ratio. We are being unbiased here, so trust that these are the most premium quality models in the ergonomic chair market.

    Note: None of these chairs are cheap for a reason. You cannot create quality ergonomic chairs from cheap materials. Those who claim to be top-quality ergonomic chairs, yet sell for $100 or less, are uncomfortable to sit on, made with inferior materials, or skimp on the ergonomic features. Keep in mind that we are choosing chairs that are worth their price tag and beyond.

    #1 NextChair Luxe 2.0 (Recommended #1 Choice) for 10% off, use coupon code "VP10"

    Description: Ranked as number 1 on our list based on a combination of quality and price. To summarise it in one sentence, NextChair Luxe model has all the premium ergonomic features, but at a much lower price point. The closest competitor is probably Ergotunes, but it is so much more expensive. 

    What really makes NextChair shine, is the mesh. It is soft and comfortable, but do not let this mislead you into thinking it is not durable. It is durable enough to withstand up to over 120KG in weight. And best of all, it does not sink overtime! This compares drastically to other brands which easily sink, are not durable, or the material is too hard and uncomfortable. NextChair’s mesh is made in Germany, and specially formulated from a special blend of polyester and fabric. This “secret” formula is a trade secret and it is what makes the mesh so comfortable! (and durable!) 

    Highly ergonomic, yet one of the most affordable ergonomic chairs out there. It is definitely favourite ergonomic chair in Singapore, and even compared to several international brands. 

    Cost: $449 SGD

    Material: Mesh back and fabric seat (All mesh is optional)

    Colours: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey. 

    Key features:

    • Adjustable back seat tilt tension
    • 11 total calibration points to provide maximum comfort and support for all body types
    • 3D armrest (back and forth + customizable height, adjustable rotation options)
    • Adjustable sliding seat pan (back and forth)
    • Multi-functional mechanism for back rest (adjustable height, tilting, and locking at 5 gears
    • Adjustable lumbar support 
    • Adjustable head rest (height and angle)

    Visit NextChair’s website here 
    For 10% off, use coupon code “VP10”

    #2 Ergotune Supreme V3

    Description: When it comes to ergonomic chair brands with a good reputation, Ergotune immediately comes to mind. They are one of the more popular ergonomic chair brands in Singapore with tons of favourable reviews. The only reason why we’re putting them below NextChair is because it has slightly less ergonomic features and is more costly. 

    Still, there is a reason why Ergotune is well received in the Singapore market. They have tons of celebrities and social media influencers who can vouch for their product’s comfort and ergonomic qualities. They also use a special formulated material made from a blend of fabric and polyester (similar to NextChair), which ensures comfort and endless durability. 

    Cost: $599 SGD

    Material: Mesh

    Key features:

    • 11 calibration points to fit all body types
    • 5D armrest 
    • Adjustable back rest height
    • Adjustable lumbar support 
    • Adjustable head rest (4 axis of adjustment)

    #3 Hinomi

    Description: Hinomi is yet another high-end brand for ergonomic chairs that you should look forward to. This company is really interesting because according to their website, 20% of annual sales is used for product R&D. Meaning that the money that you are putting into your new ergonomic chair, is going to help the company create even better ergonomic chairs down the line! Now isn’t that nifty.

    We’ve ranked Hinomi under Ergotune (despite the identical price tags) because its mesh is more firm instead of soft. Now, this is a matter of preferences, some customers may not like the premium hybrid mesh from NextChair and Ergotune, and may instead prefer the firmer mesh material that Hinomi provides. Still, the premium hybrid mesh is perceived to be of higher quality by most consumers so objectively speaking in terms of “quality”, Hinomi has to be ranked #3 on our list. 

    Regardless, this product is still a good buy. It features a foot rest so it’s entirely possible to lean back and relax like you were on a sunbathing chair by the pool. In addition, it comes in a variety of colours so you are more likely to find the perfect one that matches your home’s aesthetic. 

    Cost: $599 SGDUsual price: $999 SGD

    Material: Mesh

    Key features:

    • 12 calibration points 
    • 3D Lumbar Support
    • 5D Transformable Armrest
    • Adjustable height, armrest, headrest, backrest, and seat tilt
    • Footrest included

    #4 Sihoo V1

    Description: One of the more lesser known brands in Singapore, but still, we have to admit that this is a decent chair. The Sihoo V1 model has footrests to prop your feet on and it has a heavy base. This allows customers to recline without worry, adding to the comfort levels that you can feel. Its mesh is more firm compared to NextChair and Ergotune, but it’s still really comfortable in its own right! It also has most of the basic ergonomic features that you would need in your everyday ergonomic chair.

    Finally, its price tag is quite decent, considering what you will get with it. 

    Cost: $529 SGD

    Material: Mesh

    Key features: 

    • Adjustable backrest angle
    • Adjustable lumbar support
    • Adjustable 80 degree armrest
    • High density mesh seat pan
    • Five prong base with PU silent castors
    • Footrest included

    #5 Ergoworks SQ-200C_B

    ergonomic chair

    Description: Before you write off this product for its seemingly high cost, know that this product is put on our list for a reason. First of all, the Ergoworks SQ-200C_B model looks gorgeous. No matter the theme of colour palette of your home, the sleek, minimalistic vibe of this chair will blend in seamlessly. 

    Next, this company has had amazing reviews for all their products (including google reviews), so you know that they provide real quality chairs for their consumers. Also, this chair’s weight-activated synchronized mechanism allows for consumers to easily adjust back tension as they lean on the backrest. 

    We cannot deny, however, that the price tag for this ergonomic chair is quite high. Many might not be able to see themselves buying it no matter how gorgeous it will look in their home. So Ergoworks’ SQ-200C_B model will be the last on our list.

    Cost: $999 SGD

    Material: Mesh back and Fabric seat  

    Key features: 

    • Adjustable Lumbar Support
    • Weight-activated Synchronized Mechanism (utilizes the weight of the user to balance resistance of the back)
    • Backrest Tilt Lock in 4 positions by lever
    • Height Adjustable Armrest with PU Pad

    "Good ergonomics is better than cure."

    Dr. Deepankar Das - Ergonomist Tweet

    Things To Consider Before Buying An Ergonomic Chair

    ergonomic chair singapore

    Lifestyle - Do you need an ergonomic chair?

    If you are a very active individual, whose job requires you to constantly be on the move, and you do not sit and spend much time at your computer desk, you might not need an ergonomic chair. However, if you are working from home, at an office, or just like to spend long hours at your desk playing games, etc, then you need to get an ergonomic chair. 

    Regardless of your lifestyle, it is your choice to get one or not. But know that when it comes to sitting, an ergonomic chair will help you maintain a healthy sitting position and keep your joints safe from future health issues.

    fabric vs mesh - which do you prefer in your ergonomic chair?

    There are different pros and cons for fabric ergonomic chairs and mesh ergonomic chairs. It all comes down to personal preference. This probably will be the more important decision you make when it comes to the type of ergonomic chair you want, so consider it wisely!

    Check out our recent article about the “Top 3 Cooling Ergonomic Mesh Chairs In Singapore” here.

    budget - how much are you willing to spend?

    Ergonomic chairs do not tear as big a hole into your wallet as gaming chairs and executive chairs will. However, the premium ergonomic chairs (that are made from leather, and have features that cannot be found anywhere else in the ergonomic chair market) can get really pricey. Ultimately, it is up to the user’s budget, but I can safely assure you that the cheaper options are really worth the quality too.

    "We shape our homes and then our homes shape us."

    Winston Churchill - Prime Minister of U.K. (1940s - 1950s)

    In Conclusion

    Imagine sitting on a chair with poor ergonomics for long periods in a day. Your posture is all wrong and your joints and spine are suffering. You might not be able to feel the strain now, but you will definitely feel it in the long term. Do we want to take that risk? We at SG Top Choice believe in prevention over cure. And we can never go wrong with ergonomic chairs. 

    Ergonomic desk chairs are so worth it. We need chairs that can be customized to fit our needs and body type. Not the other way around. Be sure to check our next list of “Top 3 Ergonomic Office Chairs In Singapore Below S$500 and get the optimal back support that you deserve!

    "Soon ergonomic science will disrupt the preventive healthcare industry."

    Dr. Deepankar Das - Ergonomist

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    An ergonomic chair, for example, is a chair that has been designed to best support the human body, including considerations like posture, comfort, support and health.
    Ergonomic chairs can help ease lower back pain, give support to the spine, keep joints in a neutral position, and alleviate neck and shoulder pains. Using ergonomic office products can also reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders that damage the neck and back. Ergonomic chairs provide more comfort.
    An ergonomic chair should have a lumbar adjustment (both height and depth) so each user can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of the lower back. Backrest. The backrest of an ergonomic office chair should be 12 to 19 inches wide.

    Newer ergonomic chairs are actually really comfortable. The reason yours might be uncomfortable, is probably because (1) it's an older model and (2) it's really cheap. Older ergonomic chairs do not have that high-tech mesh weave. Instead, their mesh weaves are hard and stiff, even though it still does its job as an ergonomic chair right. 

    Either that, or your ergonomic chair might be designed for "active sitting" which engages your muscles and forces you into a good posture. 

    Ergonomic chairs are generally cheaper than gaming chairs and executive chairs. However, the best ergonomic chairs are expensive because they are made of high-quality materials, and their design is backed by years of ergonomic research and development. 

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