Top 3 Tanjong Pagar Money Lenders. Lowest Rates, Licensed & Reputable.

At SG Top Choice, we compare multiple companies and recommend the best. So you don’t have to. We have compiled a list of the Top 3 best recommended Tanjong Pagar Money Lenders in Singapore. No need to sieve through multiple websites, we have done the work. 

We have ensured that they are licensed money lenders with a good reputation. No need to travel too far out. Tanjong Pagar has its fair share of money lenders, and here are the top 3 recommended money lenders in Tanjong Pagar!

tanjong pagar Money Lenders
Top 3 Best Licensed Tanjong Pagar Money Lenders
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    Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd

    License Number: 145/2020

    Top Tanjong Pagar Money Lender for:

    95% Successful Loan Approval Rate . Quick response and approval time.

    Contact Whatapps Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 9648 2998 1 Tras Link #01-11 Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867

    Power Credit Enterprise is a licensed money lender based in Singapore since 2007 approved by the Registry of Money lender (IPTO) to provide money lending services such as legal loans solutions to working individuals including Foreigners, Permanent residents, and Singaporeans as well as businesses.

    Why Choose Us?

    As a trusted licensed moneylender, we work hand in hand with our clients to get the desired loan with our low interest, flexible repayment scheme and every information entrusted to us we treat with confidentiality. Our main goal is to make our client loan needs a success.

    Fill out our online application form and we will get you started.

    High Level of Integrity

    Power Credit Enterprise ensures every client is treated with of a high level of professionalism and we safeguard every loan transaction. Providing efficient and proficient service to clients by being in control so that each of our customers will have the confidence of choosing our company their helping hand in an unforeseen situations.

    Our Customers Comes first

    With so many changes happening around us so is our needs. Some uncontrolled situations arise and the next thing that we can do is to seek a helping hand. Power Credit Enterprise and our loan consultants try our best. We understand each and every need that is why we always want to prove to you that our goal is to help you get the approval of your loan faster.

    Our friendly loan consultants listen to every need and will help you understand your choice of loan. Making it a success this way you can have the complete peace of mind.

    Customer Reviews:

    QuickLoan Pte Ltd


    Top Tanjong Pagar Money Lender for:

    Low Interest Rates. Speedy Response for Urgent Financial Assistance. Large number of loan types.

    Contact Call Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 6223 1788 International Plaza 10 Anson Road #01-15 Tanjong Pagar Singapore 079903

    A Licensed Moneylender That Puts You First

    For over a decade, QuickLoan has been helping individuals and businesses get the best out of life through accessible financing.

    Conveniently located in Singapore’s CBD, we’ve always been about putting you first — offering a comprehensive range of loans that are fast and hassle-free, yet personalised and affordable.

    Whatever your needs are today, we stand ready to support you through life’s challenges and opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.

    Customer Reviews:

    Credit 21 Pte Ltd

    License Number: 62/2021

    Best Tanjong Pagar Money Lender for:

    Low Rates. Numerous Good Reviews

    Contact Call Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 6221 1811 10 Anson Road #01-07 International Plaza Singapore 079903

    Whether you need a large sum of money for school fees or to buy an asset or smaller sums for emergencies arising such as renovations, fast cash or foreigner loans, Credit 21 is your go-to lender in Singapore. We have an online loan application form which you can channel your application from the comfort of your station and at any time. After which, a loan officer will be in touch with you on your application and you will be invited down to our office to complete the application process with the required documents with you. Our highest priority is to make your loan application process as hassle-free and convenient as possible.

    Credit 21 is a legal money lender in Singapore, registered with the Ministry of Law, and our customer satisfaction ratings are at a high rate, both of which are things to be on the look-out for with a good moneylender. Your personal information will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality, and our interest rate and repayment plans are negotiable to tailor a solution best fitting to your needs. At Credit 21, we understand that time is money, and you can trust us to deliver on promises, so just relax and enjoy the kind of service every customer only dreams about.

    Customer Reviews:
    Common Questions about borrowing money from legal money lenders in Singapore

    Legal money lenders in Singapore have become a popular means of getting financial support. Whether to buy that new car or to start a new business, money lending can help you in getting funds. But not everyone is familiar with this domain. Some people still find it a very foreign way of borrowing money. Even if you are not one of them, still you would have various questions regarding the same. Various questions are asked by people about borrowing from legal money lenders in Singapore.

    We did our research and found a series of common questions that people are curious about. Here, we will discuss all these questions and will provide a suitable answer for them. After this blog, you will get a better idea about the borrowing process from legal money lenders in Singapore. Let’s begin!

    What are the things I should keep in mind before borrowing from a money lender?

    Now a simple answer can be everything. But this would be very general and unwise to say. Let’s get more specific and detail-oriented while discussing this answer.

    Before you decide to borrow from a moneylender, make sure that you have searched for all other alternatives. Borrowing money from legal money lenders is done under a legal contract. That’s why it becomes important to think about whether you will be able to obey the agreement or not. When you decide to take a loan make sure that you discuss all the terms beforehand. While choosing the best money lender, compare and discuss various options so you get the most favorable prices.

    How much amount I can get as a loan?

    If you are thinking about the amount of money that you can get as a loan then let us tell you it is determined by your annual income. If you are choosing secured loans then you can get any amount of money as a loan. But for unsecured loans, you will need to follow the guidelines. If you earn less than $10,000 annually then you will get up to $3,000. For people earning between $10,000 to $20,000, you can get up to $3000. If you earn more than $20,000 annually then you will get a loan up to 6 times your income.

    What are the interest ranges on the loans?

    Legal money lenders in Singapore can charge up to 4% interest per month. It is updated last on 1st October 2015. This cap is not decided according to the income of the individual. It is the same for all regardless of the income. If you failed to pay the loan amount, money lenders can fine you for late payment. The late fees amount can get up to $60 every month. The late fees mustn’t go higher than 10% of the principal amount.


    There are several questions that a person asks before borrowing money. We have covered some of the most important ones. For further discussion about licensed money lenders in Singapore explore our website.

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