Top 3 Orchard Money Lenders
Lowest Rates, Licensed & Reputable.

Here at SG Top Choice, we compare multiple companies and service providers to recommend you only the best. Here are the best Orchard Money Lenders. 

Only licensed money lenders are listed here. In addition, they must have the lowest rates in Orchard and Singapore, plus a commendable reputation

orchard money lenders

Orchard Road’s humble beginnings date back to the early 1830s, when it was an unnamed road home to fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms. In 1958, Orchard Road’s first department store—TANGS—was set up by local merchant C.K. Tang. Then known as House of Tangs, it marked the neighbourhood’s first step towards becoming Singapore’s most beloved shopping district.

Orchard Road’s bustling boulevard is now a retail and dining paradise, with thousands of establishments offering the ultimate lifestyle experience to tourists and locals alike.

Top 3 Best Licensed Orchard Money Lenders
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    JR Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 32/2021

    JR Credit invites you to visit us for one of the most reliable loan services in Singapore.

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 304 Orchard Road #02-14 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863

    JR Credit is a fully licensed money lender operating under the Ministry of Law regulations. Our financial products are rated first-in-class from our customers. Chat with our financial advisor today.

    Customer Reviews:

    KST Credit Pte. Ltd.

    License Number: 89/2021

    KST Credit is a Licensed MoneyLender in Singapore. We provide professional financial services, including personal, business and lifestyle loans, right in the heart of Orchard Road – Singapore’s shopping belt.

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 220 Orchard Rd. Midpoint Orchard #01-01, Singapore 238852

    We offer personal loans at low interest rates to Singaporeans, permanent residents and foreign expats living in Singapore.  If you need to borrow a loan for a medical emergency, family holiday, or even a new laptop, simply apply online here.

    Business financing solutions are also available to Singapore-based start-ups and SMEs. Looking for solutions to grow your business, improve your working capital and cash flow? Speak to our credit consultants today!

    Customer Reviews:


    License Number: 20/2021

    You Ask. We Listen. We Solve It Together. Setting Your Finances Towards A Better Solution.

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 14 Scotts Road #03-64 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213 (Next to Orchard MRT)

    365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd, formerly known as FLS Credit and Fu Lu Shou Credit, is one of Singapore’s most well-established legal and licensed money lender agencies since 2010. 

    As a customer-centric lender, our policies have always been about placing our customers first, we are accredited by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. Among money lending services, we specialize in providing personal loans, payday, business, foreigner, and bridging loans to local Singaporeans as well as foreigners working and residing in Singapore.

    As a licensed money lender in Singapore, our utmost mission is to help make your loan application simpler, more understandable and quicker to ensure that your financial troubles are lightened even in the face of what could be one of the most stressful days of your life.

    Customer Reviews:
    Steps to take after getting your loan from a money lender

    You applied for the loan. You contacted a licensed moneylender, prepared all the documentation, and finally got the amount. But do you think your responsibility is over here? If you think yes, then you are in the wrong position.

    When you take a loan from a moneylender, there is also a few required steps that should be taken after sanctioning the loan. These practices make sure that you don’t face any issues in the future regarding your loan. In regards to documentation and Here, we are discussing a few protocols that you should take after receiving your loan. Let’s begin!

    Approval Fees that a money lender can charge

    Keep in mind that your money lender is charging the right amount of approval fees from you for the loan sanctioning. The administrative fees can be up to 10% of the principal amount only.

    The administrative fees are taken as the charge for the processing of the loan. You don’t need to pay more than your 10% part. If the money lender is asking for more amount then it is a violation of laws and you can report him.

    Documents you need keep

    After completing the process of the loan, you should be mindful of keeping a few documents in your possession. Here, we are providing a list of all the required documents that you should keep after signing the loan contract.

    • You need to have a copy of the loan contract after finishing the loan process. Note of Contract can also be considered in the same point.
    • You will also need to keep receipts of all the payments done by you for the loan sanctioning process. Keeping all the receipts make sure that you don’t face any shortcomings in your transactional amounts later.
    • After getting the loan, you will need to keep a statement of account for all your issued loans.
    • Various other small documents can be helpful in the later phase of the loan. So be mindful of keeping all the receipts, account transactions, and other related documents.
    Repay all the amounts on time

    So you have taken the loan and kept all the documents safe with yourself. But now the time comes for repaying your loan amount. Repaying all your interest rates and interest amount on time is very important. You should not delay any of your repayment amounts as it can lead to complications in your loan duration.

    Prolonged absence of loan amount repayment can lead to late fees in addition to the number of your repayments. If you will not pay all your installments on time then they won’t just get accumulated in a larger amount but the additional late fees will also enhance the amount. It can be painful for your finances to pay all the money at once along with late fees which you can avoid in most cases. As for late fees, the moneylender can charge up to 4% of your interest fees which is mandatory to pay.

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