Top 3 Clementi Money Lenders. Lowest Rates, Licensed & Reputable.

At SG Top Choice, we compare multiple companies and recommend the best. So you don’t have to. We have compiled a list of the Top 3 best recommended Clementi Money Lenders in Singapore. No need to sieve through multiple websites, we have done the work. 

We have ensured that they are licensed money lenders with a good reputation. No need to travel too far out. Clementi has its fair share of money lenders, and here are the top 3 recommended money lenders in Clementi!

Clementi Money Lenders
Top 3 Best Licensed Clementi Money Lenders
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    Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd

    License Number: 64/2021
    Clementi Money Lenders

    Top Clementi Money Lender for:

    95% Successful Loan Approval Rate . Quick response and approval time.

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here Blk 442, Clementi Avenue 3, #01-87, Singapore 120442

    Oasis Credit Services is one of our top 3 recommended licensed money lenders in Clementi. When looking for a money lender, often times what you want is someone who is quick. We want to get in, get our cash, and go about with our daily activities. For example, when we enquire, we expect quick response time, quick approvals, and less time spent on lengthy paperwork and processes. The friendly people at Oasis Credit Services understand this. This is why they focus on speed. This means quick loan approvals. 

    Another thing you want to look out for, is you do not want to waste time by going through the process, only to have your loan rejected. This is a waste of precious time. With a 95% loan approval rating, rest assured that you can get your cash quickly and be on your way. They also offer flexible monthly repayment plans and low-interest rates. For these reasons, they are one of our favorite Clementi Money Lenders. Start your loan process today and get your cash quickly! 

    Customer Reviews:

    Synergy Credit Pte Ltd.

    Clementi Money Lenders

    Top Clementi Money Lender for:

    Low Interest Rates. Speedy Response for Urgent Financial Assistance. Large number of loan types.

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here Blk 447 Clementi Avenue 3 (Clementi central) #01-201. Singapore 120447

    Another on our list for top Clementi Money Lenders. Synergy Credit is great for people in need of urgent financial assistance. What does this mean? This means that they focus on very quick response time. Ever contacted a company and they took a few days to get back to you? Feel free to contact them 24/7 and they will get back to you as soon as possible. This means you can get your enquiry handled quicker, and your loan approved faster!  

    As a bonus, they are also conveniently located in the heart of Clementi. (At Clementi Central) which is easily accessible by MRT or large number of buses. Rest assured, they are a licensed money lender too under the Registry of Money Lenders of Singapore. They offer various loans too such as Fast Cash Loan, Debt Consolidation Loans, Business Loans, Working Capital Loans, Credit Card Loans, and even loans for delivery riders such as Grab, Gojek. In addition, medical loans, renovation loans, study loans and wedding loans are just some of the loans they offer. For these reasons, they are one of our recommended licensed Clementi Money Lenders

    Customer Reviews:

    Alpha 8 Pte Ltd

    License Number: 66 / 2021

    Best Clementi Money Lender for:

    Low Rates. Numerous Good Reviews

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here #01-265 Clementi Ave 3, BLK 449, Singapore 120449

    Overall, there have been numerous good reviews about Alpha 8. Good customer service, friendly, patient and considerate There are also comments about how the guys here are helpful and willing to help out. At SG Top Choice, we feel that being customer-centric is important and any companies that score well on this part will favor well with us. Therefore Alpha 8 is one of our top recommended Clementi Money Lenders. 

    With over 1000+ clients, you can be assured that they have seen all sorts of situations from people coming from all walks of life. This vast amount of experience means that whatever situation you are in, they are able to help you out. As a bonus, they offer low interest rates too. Unlike some cutthroat operators who charge exorbitant pricing, their rates are low and reasonable with flexible repayment terms too. Located conveniently too, feel free to contact and find out why are they our recommended license money lender in Clementi today!

    Customer Reviews:
    Money Lending Scams in Singapore. What should I look out for? 

    Only borrow from licensed money lenders. They are being regulated by the Registry of Money Lenders in Singapore. In recent times, there have been a number of reports and scammers from unlicensed money lenders who pretend to be licensed money lenders who then proceed to scam their victims. 

    Their mode of operation. 

    How these unlicensed money lenders operate is by using SMS or Whatsapp messages / websites or social media accounts and claim to represent licensed money lenders (often they claim that they are from a certain company when they are not) 

    Next, they claim to be able to loan a certain amount of money to the victims. When the victim agrees to take up the loan, the scammers then request the victims to transfer money on the pretext of paying certain “admin fees” or “GST fees” before they are able to extend the loan to them. They then go cold and disappear after the victims transfer the money. 

    In some other situations, the scammers create fake websites or social media accounts and pretend to be representing licensed money lenders. 

    You can prevent this by only borrowing from licensed money lenders. 

    Licensed money lenders are not allowed to solicit for business, including via SMS / Whatsapp messages, calls, or social media. Loans are also not allowed to be approved over the phone. Customers must meet the licensed money lender at their place of business (their office)  for physical face to face certification checks, before money lenders are allowed to grant any loans. You can also check the list of licensed of money lenders here: 

    Before heading down to the money lender’s place of business, it is advisable to verify that they are indeed licensed money lenders. And do report any unlicensed money lending activities to the police at: 1800-255-0000. 

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