At SG Top Choice, we compare multiple companies and recommend the best. So you don’t have to. We have compiled a list of the Top 3 best recommended Bugis Money Lenders in Singapore. No need to sieve through multiple websites, we have done the work. 

We have ensured that they are licensed money lenders with a good reputation. No need to travel too far out. Bugis has its fair share of money lenders, and here are the top 3 recommended money lenders in Bugis!

Top 3 Best Licensed Bugis Money Lenders
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    Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 26/2021

    Top Bugis Money Lender for:

    Fast approval, flexible repayments, no hidden fees, simple processes

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 470, North Bridge Road, #02-12, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735

    As the best legal money lender in Singapore as shared in Loan Advisor and Google Review, Bugis Credit Pte Ltd has been offering personal, business, monthly, payday, and foreigner loans reliably since 2007. Customers also have much to say about their superior customer service and consultations. They are honest with their interest rates and are always willing to sit down with their clients to clear any doubts they may have.

    On top of that, Bugis Credit Pte Ltd is proud to offer unsecured loans without the use of property or other assets as collateral when giving out a loan. They care about their clients and want to ensure procedures are as fuss free as possible.  

    Customer Reviews:

    Fortune Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 31/2021

    Top Bugis Money Lender for:

    premium customer support through money-lending process, flexible loans

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 470, North Bridge Road, #02-01A, Bugis Cube, SINGAPORE 188735

    With over a decade worth of experience, Fortune Credit has an established customer base and a reputation for its excellent customer service and low-interest rates.

    They strive to provide a “comfortable, friendly, and efficient borrowing experience” to their clients. So you can expect staff to reflect that when they assist you with personal loans, foreign loans, business loans, and payday loans.

    Customer Reviews:

    Singa Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 130/2021

    Top Bugis Money Lender for:

    super quick processing times and approvals, 100% confidentiality, interests rates as low as 1%

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 470, North Bridge Road, #02-01, Bugis Cube, SINGAPORE 188735

    Singa Credit Pte Ltd endeavours to provide the best financial support possible and get it done right. They boast of having many repeat customers – having provided optimal service and gained the trust of many clients. 

    Singa Credit Pte Ltd are well-versed in market trends, fluctuations and legal processes surrounding money lending options. This enables them to provide innovative solutions, a fast-turnaround rate and flexible loan options that ensures affordable, yet manageable cash loan solutions. 

    Customer Reviews:
    5 questions to ask your money lender
    Do not worry about borrowing money from the companies listed above. The organizations that we have listed are certified, licensed money lenders regulated by the Registry of Money Lenders in Singapore, thus, you have no need to worry if you will be scammed of your money. Still, you can ask the following questions to empower yourself with knowledge of what you are getting yourself into. 
    • What is the interest rate on the loan?
    • How does the loan prepayment work?
    • What is the term of the loan?
    • Are there any additional fees?
    • Does the loan require a cosigner?
    Tips you should keep in mind
    #1 Keep all important documents filed in a folder for safe-keeping. 
    #2 Keep track of the interest rates charged to you. Your lender should not be demanding for more than what is expected. If they are, do not blindly fold and pay. Question their reasons and check your contract. 
    #3 No legitimate money lending company will operate businesses through WhatsApp or social media. Customers must meet the licensed money lender at their office for face-to-face consultation and certification checks. Do not trust money lenders who insist on taking important discussions offline.
    #4 Check their license numbers. Report any unlicensed money lending activities to the police at: 1800-255-0000. 
    #5 Repay your loans on time. Delays in repayment may result in late fees being charged which will hurt your wallet in the long run. 
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