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SG Top Choice aims to provide you with the best aircon servicing experience, ever, without any compromises.

They’re fast, reliable & affordable

We recommends aircon servicing company with all your needs covered for your aircon servicing needs at the press of a button – whether it’s just general maintenance or anything else, we do it all for you quickly and affordably!

We are committed to providing the best service possible – our team is highly skilled and equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that you get the maximum value for your money.

Aircon Servicing In Singapore
Top 10 best Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore
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    Ninja Cool Services Pte Ltd

    Ninja Cool Services Pte Ltd

    No Hidden Cost!!!
    90 Days Warranty!!!
    Satifaction Guaranteed!!!

    Website Contact / Whatsapp 6244 3233

    Ninja Cool Services is an Air Conditioning Company based in Singapore. We have more than 10 years of experience in aircon servicing, aircon installation & aircon repair. We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer a variety of money saving solutions.

    We are specialize in all kinds of air-conditioning system. Our technicians are well trained with skills and knowledge to service, maintainance, troubleshoot, repair and installation of all type of air-conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings.

    Based on our expertise, experience and thorough understanding of market needs and demands, We strive to provide the best services to our valued customers at all times.

    eurohub aircon pte ltd

    Fast, Affordable & Experience
    Home & Commercial Aircon Solutions!!!

    As a leader in airconditioning solutions, Eurohub Aircon’s core focus is on providing excellent services for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems. Having a team of best aircon technicians, we are very sure that we can up keep to our clients requirement.

    We provide Aircon services in Singapore, which include:

    • All general aircon services
    • Chemical washing
    • Topping up chemical gas
    • Aircon System Installation
    • Sale and provision of aircon systems and parts

    We also offer quotations and contracts regarding air-conditioner service in Singapore for:

    • Companies
    • HDBs
    • Landed properties
    • Condominiums
    • Property Agents and Tenants

    DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

    DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

    We have over 10 years experience in the air conditioning industry. We are here when you need us to service both your residential (HDB, Condo, Landed) and commercial properties!

    Website Contact / Whatsapp +65 8241 0032

    We all know Singapore’s humid climate can be intolerable if you do not have an air conditioner that you can trust to keep you cool at all times. Sometimes, air conditioners break down unexpectedly. In times like these, you need to have a reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore like DW Aircon.

    We at DW Aircon, are one of the best aircon contractors Singapore has at its service. We take great pride in being the most recommended aircon servicing, maintenance and installation provider in Singapore. With over a decade of experience, thousands of clients and positive reviews on Google and Facebook, our watchword has been to provide reliable aircon servicing to clients in Singapore at the best price point, using only the most qualified aircon technicians.




    Trusted Air Conditioning Service & Installation Company in Singapore

    Website Contact / Whatsapp 6854 4956

    A prominent aircon servicing in Singapore, specializes in air conditioning servicing and repair. We have been providing unmatched aircon servicing in the region for years with the mission of providing our customers with a quality lifestyle. Using up to the minute practices and methods, our services are reliable as well as effective.We fully understand that our customers have varying needs and requirements; thus, we have expanded our expertise to cover everything from aircon overhaul to chemical wash. Our ambition is to help those we serve by being a source of contentment and convenience in their lives.

    Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore

    Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore
    ir Conditioning Contractor - Professional Aircon Servicing Singapore Made Easy with Us

    Get Best Aircon Servicing Singapore & Repair at Affordable Price. Professional Aircon Service with 25 Years Experience. Call (65) 9456 0875 Now!

    Don’t swelter in the tropical heat. Get Billy Aircon Company to perform preventative or emergency aircon servicing in Singapore and enjoy a cool home or office.

    We’ve been providing high-quality aircon service to our Singapore customers for more than a quarter of a century.

    Oasis Aircon

    Oasis Aircon
    Currently servicing over 400 clients, from Fortune 500s to Government Agencies and Startups to Local SMEs

    For many years, Luce Maintenance Group has been the preferred cleaning services partner of over 400 local companies, ranging from MNCs like Berkshire Hathaway, government agencies like the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Spanish Embassy in Singapore, to start-ups and residential homes.

    We provide professional cleaners for regular home and office cleaning, and advanced cleaning services like wood and marble polishing, carpet cleaning, and pest control. Some of our clients for advanced cleaning include Popular Bookstores and McKinsey Singapore.

    Oasis is the proud aircon servicing partner of Luce Maintenance Group, trusted for our professional excellence and quality assurance. Oasis is constantly seeking new partners to expand our network of clientele.

    Mastercool Aircon Service Singapore

    Mastercool Aircon Service Singapore
    With a wide range of services to meet every one of your needs and requirements, our team has the expertise to accomplish all the aircon related tasks .

    Are you looking for an trusted  aircon services in Singapore? We provide qualified Aircon Servicing Singapore  with professional technicians who have many years of experience in the air-con industry. We also offer various services such as repair, chemical cleaning, installation and maintenance contract. We are confident you will be satisfied when we meet your air conditioner requirements in Singapore.

    If your aircon unit is not maintained on a regular basis, you may encounter many problems like clogged and dirty that will cause the colder levels of your unit to decrease and the airflow becomes weak. Therefore, your AC unit will use a lot of energy and cause an increase in electricity bills.

    Cool-Aire Aircon Servicing Singapore

    Cool-Aire Aircon Servicing Singapore
    Welcome to Cool-Aire, with more than 20 years experience in aircon servicing and repair in Singapore, we are able to help you with servicing, repairing and installing of your aircon.

    As one the leading aircon servicing company in Singapore that provides a full suite of aircon services ranging from air-conditioning servicing to repair & installation, Cool-Aire has pride ourselves to provide the highest quality of services to our customers.We more than 20 over years experience on air con service include normal air con service, chemical service, chemical overhaul, condenser normal service and chemical service; and specialist on all type air con installation, repair and maintenance.

    At Cool-Aire, Our team strive to maintain good reputation with good responsibility and excellent work job done.

    Xool Industries Pte Ltd.

    Xool Industries Pte Ltd.
    Aircon Service

    As a young and energetic cleaning services company in Singapore, A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd focuses on providing professional quality service delivered with a positive working attitude.  Our hired workforce undergo weekly trainings to upgrade, enhance their skills so as to ensure that work gets done by a set of well-trained cleaners.

    Headed by Mr. Bryan Goh our cleaning team consists of over 100 experience employees both males & females who are mix of Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and foreigner workers eligible to work to here.

    Website Contact / Whatsapp +65 6817 7862

    Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore

    We are professional at what we do, and everyone in Singapore knows about our quality service.
    Website Contact / Whatsapp 6428 6288

    We are the best Aircon service provider in Singapore and largest servicing, Repair, Installation & Maintenance consultant in Singapore.

    We know how important it is to have your air conditioner serviced; maintained and repaired perfectly that is why our engineers are quick to diagnose any problem with your Aircon.

    As part of our commitment to giving the best service in Singapore, Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore remains the best in the field of professional service in the region using the latest equipment, highly skilled experts with over ten years experience in the industry, and high technologies to ensure your desires are met.

    What You Must Know About Aircon Servicing Singapore

    Aircon Servicing generally indicates the cleaning and upkeep of air conditioner. It helps to improve its efficiency so that it can work the way it is supposed to. Well, you’ve got to select the very best aircon servicing in Singapore and find the most out of your air conditioner.

    The Number One Question You Must Ask for Aircon Servicing Singapore

    Even in case you have an air conditioner, you might still have mold troubles. If you aren’t certain when you have to start to have your air conditioner repaired, these tips can allow you to know when you want to call an air-con service business in Singapore. When you put money into an air conditioner it definitely provides you with the opportunity to relax at home in comfort instead of needing to go someplace to a nearby coffee shop or mall simply to find a rest from Singapore’s very humid atmosphere.

    Maintaining air conditioners is not an easy job. At precisely the same time, in addition, there are lots of moving parts inside an air conditioner. Your air conditioner is to blame for cooling the temperature in your house specifically through the summer time that is the reason why it can be quite important to supply a typical support to your air-con device. You may have noticed your air conditioners are fighting to lower a room’s temperature, particularly in the summertime. The air conditioner has parts which should be looked at once a year to make certain that it is running properly. When it does need a repair they will let you know exactly what type of repair it needs and if it requires any new parts. Haier air conditioners are ideal for use even in the top of summers due to their successful all spherical cooling.

    The Company has a superb outlook towards Aircon promotion in Singapore and it firmly believes in bring you the sort of service which you are searching for. Though some low-fee, under-represented businesses appear to charge for service at an affordable price, they may provide sub-standard services which don’t meet the published quotes. When you have to reach out to your aircon servicing company, you also should know they can deal with any kind of service or repair that you will need.

    Some technicians experienced aircon malfunctioning after it wasn’t switched on for quite a while. It is recommended to seek the services of an aircon technician to do aircon steam cleaning, aircon chemical wash and aircon overhaul as you will need the ideal tools and it isn’t easy to execute. Technicians realize that air conditioners are supposed to make your home comfortable and never work till they are convinced you’re completely happy. When you contact within a technician for air con repair inside your Air Conditioner he’ll also hunt for nearly every dust that might have discovered its way to your program.

    Key Pieces of Aircon Servicing Singapore

    Your service has all of the abilities and tools to establish what’s wrong by many diverse brands of air conditioners. Aircon service is crucial as it can help to prolong the lifespan of the unit. Most aircon services can be finished in 1 day when the problem is diagnosed. A comprehensive aircon service will take care of all of the above troubles.

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