Top 3 Ang Mo Kio Money Lenders
Lowest Rates, Licensed & Reputable.

Here at SG Top Choice, we compare multiple companies and service providers to recommend you only the best. Here are the best Ang Mo Kio Money Lenders. 

Only licensed money lenders are listed here. In addition, they must have the lowest rates in Ang Mo Kio and Singapore, plus a commendable reputation

Ang Mo Kio Money Lenders
Top 3 Best Licensed Ang Mo Kio Money Lenders
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    Sumo Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 09/2021

    Best Ang Mo Kio Money Lender for:
    Quick cash loans. Low Rates. Flexible packages

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 709 Ang Mo Kio ave 8 #01-2583 Singapore 560709

    “Going an extra mile to quickly process your application” As a company that lives up to their company motto, we are glad to say that we have found a money lender that ticks all our boxes. One of our recommended choices of top money lenders in Ang Mo Kio, Sumo Credit offer quick approvals. Which are great for those who need cash urgently, or simply busy individuals who do not have time for lengthy paper work. 

    One of the lowest interest rates we could find too. They also offer attractive loan repayment packages and are flexible in working out with you a plan that you are absolutely comfortable with. the company strictly does not practice hard selling. Which is why they are one of our top money lender choices in Ang Mo Kio

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    Ban-King Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 75 / 2021

    Best Ang Mio Kio Money Lender for:
    customized loans, flexible repayment arrangements

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here 705 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2563, Singapore 560705

    Honest, professional advice is what Ban King Credit is known for. Located at Blk 75 Ang Mo Kio, they have garnered a good reputation for themselves over the years. They offer personal, business, bridging loans, and more for locals, foreigners including expats. They also offer property loans. This can be particularly useful when you have found your dream property, but have not managed to sell off your existing property yet. 

    With a wide variety of loans, combined with their vast experience in helping people from all walks of life, the friendly people at Ban King Credit are able to professionally advise you based on your current situation. Whether this is your first time engaging a money lender, or perhaps you are season, Ban King Credit is one of our top money lenders in Ang Mo Kio. 

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    Fortune Credit Pte Ltd

    License Number: 141/2020

    Best Ang Mo Kio Money Lender for:
    Fuss-Free Loans. 100% tailored loans.

    Contact Address
    Submit Enquiry Here Block 704 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2545 Singapore 560704

    The friendly people at Dio Credit Pte Ltd pride themselves on having great customer satisfaction from all their customers. This is achieved from a high level of professionalism built from the ground up over the years. Confidentiality is important. This is why Dio Credit promises 100% confidentiality. Keeping your privacy, and maintaining anonymity. 

    They also offer flexible repayment packages, 100% tailored loans that suits your needs. Everyone’s situation is different. Some may require a longer repayment period, some would prefer to pay if off early. This is entirely up to you and Dio Credit allows this flexibility. Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork. Their fuss-free loans allow you to walk in, and walk out with cash in hand quickly. For these reasons, they are one of our top choices for Ang Mio Kio Money Lenders.

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    Preparations before borrowing money from a licensed money lender

    Are you in need of a few funds? Are you looking for a licensed money lender to borrow money? If yes, then you need to understand that there are a few things to keep in mind before starting the process of borrowing money. Validated money lenders work on a well-structured process of money lending. They work under the acts and principles of Minlaw. That’s why before giving a certain amount of money, they ask for a few documents.

    If you are planning to borrow money from a licensed money lender then you will need to make some preparations in terms of documents to avoid any hassle. Here in this blog, we are going to a detailed discussion about all the eligibility criteria for borrowing money. Let’s head up with the first step which is getting your credit score.

    Calculate your credit score and eligibility

    The credit score is taken by Credit Bureau Singapore {CBS} or by the Moneylenders Credit Bureau {MLCB}. The data helps in determining your credit score which is beneficial in terms of ease for taking a loan. However, you don’t need a credit score to borrow money from a licensed money lender. But still having reliable proof can’t be denied in most circumstances. Personal loans can be easily given without checking the credit score. But there are a few borrowers who consider the credit score for issuing a larger amount of loan.

    The eligibility of getting the loan depends upon your annual income to a large extent. If you have an income of less than $10000 annually then you get a loan only up to $3000. For foreigners who are living in Singapore, the amount is around $500 only. Similarly, for income between $10,000 to $20,000, the loan amount is $3,000. The foreigners living in Singapore with incomes between $10,000 to $20,000 can also get a loan up to $3,000. People with income more than $20,000 can get a loan 6 times more than their income per month.

    Documents required for borrowing money from licensed money lenders

    To get the loan from a licensed moneylender, you will need to prepare some required documents. These are;

    • NRIC
    • Tenancy agreement [for foreigners]
    • Residency proof
    • Income proof
    • Past CPF statements
    • Employment letter [for foreigners]
    • Current credit score
    • Employment pass [for foreigners]

    Some of the licensed money lenders do not ask for credit scores. Instead, they regard borrowers’ annual income as their evidence for lending money. They can demand your payslips to determine your eligibility for the loan. Your payslips help them to understand whether you can pay back the loan or not.

    Various licensed money lenders provide the loan on a fixed interest rate. There are a few regulations that every money lender registered under Minlaw needs to follow to continue their license. All these regulations are for maintaining the security and trust between borrowers and lenders. By reading the above article, now you have an idea of all the required details for borrowing the money.

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